Christa Fletcher
January 31, 2012
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The Senors of Marseille


Ever been to a really good concert, where all you do is dance and laugh with your friends? There’s something special about a band that truly entertains. And, The Señors of Marseille, is one such band. Based in Brooklyn, New York, musicians Graham Bishop, Matt Swope and Vlad Gutkovich formed the band specialized in all things creative, unique and fun, and after regular gigs at venues like Pianos on the Lower East Side, things started to click.

Bishop and Swope met in high school, but didn’t really connect until they coincidentally went to the same college in Santa Barbara. Later, after Bishop moved to New York and had been working for Teach for America, Swope moved East to pursue music with him. “I saw a pretty cool music scene evolving in Brooklyn and I thought that the stuff he was writing fit in well, ” said Bishop in a group interview.

“We lived in this tiny apartment,” said Swope.
“He slept behind my couch,” added Bishop with a laugh.

With their mission set, the guys searched for a drummer. “I was a freelance musician and childhood music teacher. I saw their posting on Craigslist and thought their stuff was unique,” explained Gutkovich. “We knew right away that it was a good fit.”

At first, the band struggled to get on bills with bands they liked. Then, they hit their stride with performances that range from fake marriages with a coordinating set list, to tributes to audience members who inspire them, and a handful of great bands to share the stage. “Usually for performances I dress up as a matador. We’ve blown up balloons, we’ve brought a bubble gun. We try to have a good time,” said Swope.

“Playing music live is the best thing ever,” added Gutkovich. “You are making people dance and expressing yourself in the ultimate way. ”

Improv, general hilarity and genuine indie pop flavor? Put us on the guest list!

Christa Fletcher

“Hit the Floor”




“The Coolest Girl in NY”

“Renaissance Man”


Graham Bishop -- Guitar, Q chord, Vox

Matt Swope -- Keyboard, Bass, Vox

Vlad Gutkovich -- Percussion, Bugle



"Cat Scratch" (2009) Single

"The Coolest Girl in New York" (2009) Music Video Release

"Davey" (2009) Film Soundtrack

"The Senors of Marseille EP" (2008)

"Here In New York" (2008) Single/Film Soundtrack

"Cat Scratch" (2007) Single


"I saw a pretty cool music scene evolving in Brooklyn and I thought that the stuff he [Matt] was writing would fit in well."

--Graham Bishop

"New York is great because we can play, and be accepted, but at first we weren't taken as seriously because of our unique set up. It did take extra effort." --Matt Swope


"Matt comes up with an idea and records it and I listen to it and come up with something. Or we do it together. We probably have hundreds of song ideas. We have an apartment together so we are constantly doing stuff. We'll be doing normal stuff and music comes up organically at all times of the day."

--Graham Bishop

"It's so good for you to make music. It makes you smarter, it makes people like you -- girls, boys, whatever. You know? It's like food for your soul."

--Vlad Gutkovich


"We're finishing a commercial deal, we have a video in the works, we applied to a bunch of music festivals for the end of summer and fall. And, we are trying to get in the rock and roll hall of fame."

--Matt Swope

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