The Skate Park


Want to be the next generation of “Z-Boys,” but aren’t sure how to kick off?

Even if your hometown isn’t Venice Beach, California, you can still channel The Lords of Dogtown by petitioning and fundraising for a skate park in your town like the teens of Billerica Memorial High School. After the community closed their skate park due to vandalism they rallied their efforts to raise funds and help out in the community.

The teens also improved the reputation of local skateboarders. “We did a lot of labor and pouring concrete and placing all the obstacles in the playground, so, we’re very involved in the town.” To hear their story, check out the special segment, along with some other skateboarding videos below.

Photo By: The Age

Teens raise money to get a skatepark in their town.

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 Steven Fabian chats with Tony Hawk about how he started out.

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