The State of the Union and You

Test your speech skills here.

By now, you know that President Obama gave a big speech last night. Just in case you didn’t get to watch it, we thought a highlight post was in order.

He spoke a lot about economic issues, something that most Americans say is on the top of their priority lists this election season. But he also made some suggestions that could have a big effect on students. Here’s what he proposed that could have a big impact on your future:

  • An extension of the mandatory school age. Depending on where you live, you might have the option to leave high school without graduating. The president wants every state to keep kids in school until they finish or turn 18.
  • More investment in job training. This is in line with the first proposal — the president wants to make job training beyond high school easier for people. This also includes training for people that have lost their jobs due to technological development or outsourcing, but also includes high school graduates who want to learn about high-tech manufacturing or get a certification to work in health care, which are both growing industries.
  • An increase in education funding. Again, this fits in well with the above — it’s hard to get training for a job if you can’t afford to pay for school. President Obama would like to make that easier, as well as increase support for students in four-year colleges.

For more highlights from the speech, click here, or check out the video below.

State of the Union

Test your speech skills here.

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