summer in rap
September 6, 2013

The Summer in Rap


Scott: And now that most of you guys are back in school, the crew over at Flocabulary have cooked up something special – the summer’s top stories all wrapped up. Take it away, Flocab!


Ayo! Ring the bell. It’s the Flocab crew,

We’re about to recap another summer for you,

That’s true. Did the heat beat down your summer?

Well, the Miami Heat repeated like a stutter.


Does baseball need a war on drugs?

We looked at ball players, found more on drugs,

A-Rod was suspended for hundreds of games,

But he’s appealing the ruling. Yeah, he wanted to play.


The Supreme Court weighed arguments and evidence,

Said gay married couples should get the same benefits,

At the federal level as all married couples,

Nixed some of the Voting Rights Act on the double.


Considering race in college admissions,

Will face more scrutiny. That’s their decision,

Overseas, Syria’s stuck in a civil war,

But it’s gotten even more fatal than before.


Many think the leader used chemical weapons,

Against civilians, so the U.S. threatened,

To bomb targets. Is that a go?

Now Obama wants to let our Congress vote.


You hear? Democracy’s not in Egypt,

The army kicked out the president. Believe it,

And there have been protests and massacres,

And not many words from our ambassadors.


Snowden leaked secrets from the NSA,

Did you know that they can see every call you make?

Snowden was looking for a country that could hide him,

So he flew to Russia for political asylum.


George Zimmerman stood trial down in Florida,

But the jury said that he’s not a murderer,

Though he killed Trayvon, an unarmed teen,

And protests and vigils popped up on the scene.


It’s 35 years in prison for Manning,

Who leaked military video that was condemning,

All the citizens of Britain were going crazy,

When Kate gave birth to a lil’ royal baby.


New animal discovered. Put your hands up,

Obama got a puppy, D.C. got a panda,

Flocabulary Yeti. Yep, we beast,

We can rap with all the new news you need,



Scott: The weekend feels even closer now, doesn’t it?


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