Karen Knapstein
May 27, 2013
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The Summer Set

There’s nothing like a great song — especially one that puts a spring in your step. The Summer Set, a pop-rock band from Scottsdale, Arizona, knows how to capture the essence of a fun and carefree time — like summer — in their music. Maybe it’s because this foursome grew up in different parts of the AZ and all that sunshine sunk into their tracks. Or, maybe they just really like to play. “My whole life is pretty fun, I live for fun, it hasn’t gotten old yet, I hope it never does,” said bassist Stephen Gomez in an email in 2010.

feature-cover-the-summer-set.jpgJess Bowen echoed that, “I was born in Fairfax, Virginia. However, I moved to Phoenix, Arizona when I was eight years old and spent the majority of my life growing up there. I have nothing but love for my hometown of Phoenix. Growing up there got me to where I am today since it is where I met the Gomez Brothers and started playing music with them,” she recently explained.

Whatever the reason for their warm and happy vibe, this band is perfect for a post homework pick-me-up or while you’re working out. In fact, that’s how guitarist Josh Montgomery prepares for a show, with “stretching and medicine ball training.” And, it sounds like he’ll be doing that a lot over the next year. According to band members, Brian Dales, Jessica Bowen, John Gomez, Stephen Gomez and Josh Montgomery, the Summer Set is off on another tour this summer. Bowen shared, “hopefully, I’ll be able to travel to countries I have never been to before. I love my job and hope to do this as long as I can.”

The tour is supporting their latest album, Legendary. It celebrates milestones like graduation, and just being a good friend. You can hear three tracks from it right here! For more inside details, read their exclusive Q&A with us in their photo gallery below. And keep up with them while they’re on the road on their Facebook page and Twitter feed.


“Maybe Tonight”


39 comments on “The Summer Set

  1. Csk_-Css_Itzreal_205

    Hello Shelbi. Uhm, I see you like Summer Set. I also see that you do not appreciate the way that my enemy is corresponding with you ( wWw_-King-_James ). If you like, I can get him off your back. :)

  2. @_TheSummerSet72394298

    Hello Guys. Thank All Of You For Listening. Check Out Our New Song On Google Music “Love Me 4ever”. Coming Soon, November 2013.

  3. Laura

    Well I think you guys should show the song: Roger Rabbit by Sleeping With Sirens for the news on 10/29/13! PLEASE!! IT WOULD MAKE MY DAY.

  4. jocelyne

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this band you guys should play it more often on your show , its the most amazing band my best experience was seeing them in person it was the best concert of my life


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