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July 24, 2013
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The Sunstreak


The Sunstreak received their lucky break in 2006 when they were included on the Vans Warped Tour. As 18-year-olds, it was a pretty big honor to also be included on the Warped Tour Compilation Album.

Based out of Rochester, New York, the band constantly releases LPs and maintains a vigorous tour schedule. So it should come as no surprise that the Sunstreak managed to make history as the second band to post on the Billboard charts without a distribution deal. “There’s nothing that would have stopped us at all,” said vocalist Tony Rebis.

For Rebis, Jason Sarkis (Bass), Jack Flynn (Guitar/Vocals), Gary Foster (Drums) and David Schuler (Guitar/Synth/Vocals), it’s all about telling a good story. “All of our songs are about real experiences,” said Schuler in an interview at the Channel One News studios. “We’re not trying to whine or anything. We are just telling a few stories.”

We’re positive that this group of guys is not only talented musically — they’ve had their hearts broken too.

Powerful songs about love, inspiration and loss fill the track list of their pop-rock album, Once Upon A Lie. 

To hear more about how this band got started and to find out exactly what a “Garbage Plate” is and why the band likes it, check out their exclusive interview with Channel One. Also be sure to click through their tracks and photos below.


Here I Go Again

Once Upon a Lie

Until I Met You





Once Upon A Lie (LP) (2009)

Until I Met You (Single) (2009)

Top Secret (EP) (2008)

Vans Warped Tour 06 Compilation (LP) (2006)

Self Titled (LP) (2006)


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More about the band...

With the release of their self-titled and self-produced debut full length CD, The Sunstreak has hit the ground running since the Summer of 2006 on the Vans Warped Tour, selling over 25,000 records in 2 months and landing them on he Warped Tour compilation CD along with Saves the Day, Underoath, and Hellogoodbye.

This relentless work ethic has lead them to be the second band in history to post on the Billboard charts without a distribution deal - Notably #33 on the Top Independent albums as well as #30 in overall Heatseakers.

With the summer of 2009 just around the corner, and the release of their new album, Once Upon A Lie, approaching, The Sunstreak show no signs of slowing down.


Lyrics for "Here I Go Again"

And here I go again,
Struggling the same way I did before
Stuck at the same dead end,
But finding that I'm liking it more and more
It's so repetitive,
All the words that spill out off my tongue
I hope that you don't mind,
I say it all the time
But I cant seem to find another way

All I ever want and all I ever need is you
In the shadow of a doubt
You always seem to pull me through
But my words are growing old
And all I need to do
Is find a new way to say I love you

We spent too many nights,
Trying hard to fix what wasn't right
But it was only time
And time away is time spent on the line
I never doubted you,
I just couldn't seem to find my way
My heart was crumbling,
My words were stumbling,
The truth was humbling
And all it took was one more chance to say

Where you are is where I want to be
Stay with me,
You know I need you by my side
Take my hand,
I promise that I'll do my best to understand


Lyrics for "Once Upon a Lie"

I remember the way you smiled
And how you made it all worth while
You had the touch of a burning fire
A million ways to drive me wild
You can move like the softest wind
And make your way across my skin
But the memory just won't do,
I need to find my way to you

I wanna touch you
I wanna kiss you
I wanna feel you in my arms
I need to hold you
Let me control you
Maybe its right where you belong...

Now the moments are passing by
And I'm asking myself
Why I let you out of my sight,
And disappear into the night?
Now I don't know what to do
I've never felt so damn confused
If another passes through,
I hope she looks a lot like you

I wanna touch you
I wanna kiss you
I wanna feel you in my arms
I need to hold you
Let me control you
Maybe its right where you belong
You know that you want me
You know that you need me
You know that I'd never do you wrong
I wanna touch you
I wanna kiss you
Maybe its right where you belong

Save me You're the only one who cared to embrace me
I don't want to start all over again
I want to touch you,
I need your skin tonight


Lyrics for "Until I Met You"

I once believed that there was no one for me
Until I met you
But I couldn't see how happy I could be
Until I met you

Until I met you my world was empty
Until I met you the sky was grey
And everything I thought that I believed in
I can feel it all slip away.
But that was up until the day
Until the day I met you.

I'm fighting this battle
With you by my side
You know that I need you
And I've got nothing to hide
I'll stand by you always,
Along for the ride
And here in this moment,
I'm shedding my pride


Lyrics for "Here In My Arms"

I remember days when loving you wasn't so hard
From the moment that I saw you
I just knew that you had stolen my heart
We'd be lying on the rooftop laughing,
Just counting the stars
And now I wonder if you see them
In the sky from wherever you are
So stay strong, breathe in, don't try to pretend
Nothing lasts forever in the end

Here in my arms is right where you belong
Slow dancing every night
I hear your voice and I've known all along
That its only a matter of time
Until you're here by my side
You're the love of my life

From the moment you were gone
Things have never really been the same
In the middle of the night
I find myself calling out your name
But I know I can't take anymore,
I can't walk away
I've been trying so hard to let it go
And just take the blame
So stay strong, breathe in, don't try to pretend
Nothing lasts forever in the end

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