The Total Football Package

f-ballReady for some football? Learn the 10 steps to becoming the ultimate fan in the slideshow, then test your knowledge of NFL, college and high school ball.


Why not? You can be subtle about it. Just color the team's logo on your cheek, or go all out and dip your face in a bucket of your team's main color. But make sure it's face paint. They actually make stuff specifically for your skin.


Two words: Body hair. Turns out that paint sticks to it pretty good. Besides, in order for others to see your new paint job, you'd have to go shirtless (or worse). For a three-hour football game, that can get a little chilly. There's nothing "ultimate" about hypothermia.


Choose something that prominently features your team's colors or mascot. Better yet, if you have a friend on the team, see if he'll let you wear his extra jersey on game day. That way you can support your friend and the team.


If you can't find anything to wear in your team's colors (we know, the Gap hasn't rolled out their "Sea Otter-teal" line yet), wear white. If you can't find anything white, figure out what the other team's color are, then stay away from those. You don't want to get stuck on your sidelines wearing (gasp) the wrong colors!


Do you have a dynamic, infectious personality? Do people listen when you speak? Do you like to stand up and sit down over and over again? If so, get ready to start The Wave! The key is gathering local support from your fellow fans sitting near you. No single fan can start The Wave. It's a concerted group effort.


The Wave is a force of nature. The Wave cannot be stopped. The only thing that can kill The Wave is apathy. If The Wave flows your way, do your duty as a fan and get your butt up off the bench and reach for the stars. Never give a half wave by sticking one arm in the air from a seated position. And if you're going to stay seated during The Wave, you'd better have a good excuse (i.e. frostbitten feet, broken/missing legs, or temporarily catatonic).


Make it big. Make it bold. Make it colorful. Make it stand out. Make it on your computer, or make it with colored markers. Make it for your favorite player, or make it for the whole team. Just make it.


A great cheer can be remembered forever. Who could forget the Notre Dame football crowd chanting, "RU-DY! RU-DY!"? Pick a player to root for, or just go with the team mascot. And remember: "Overrated!" is the most underrated chant in sports. Feel free to use it.


Nothing's worse than misspelling the team's mascot (You try spelling out "The Fighting Pterodactyls!") or the name of your favorite player. Get a copy of the roster from the athletic department before you begin an homage to your pigskin heroes.


Copying cheers reeks of poor sportsmanship. Don't do it. The exception: If your crowd is clearly larger and louder than the other team's, you should repeat every cheer that the other team uses. Nothing is more intimidating than hearing the cheer you just used thrown right back at you by your rowdier opponent.

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