The Trouble with Tribbles


Do you want a pet but don’t want to have you to, you know, deal with the needs of a pet?

Then this next big thing might be for you. Smart Fur is a “touch sensor built with conductive fur” and it might serve the same purpose as a cat or dog for some. Researchers have long known that petting something soft and fuzzy can have a stress relieving, calming effect on people, which is why you might see guest pets in nursing homes or hospitals. This innovation creates the same effect using technology. It can even tell if you’re being gentle or giving it a scratch — and react accordingly.

Even though the prototype, frankly, looks a little creepy we can see how this innovation could really work for people with allergies or who spend most of their day in places that look down upon bringing along a furry friend (hello, school). But we want to know what you think. Is Smart Fur the next big thing? Vote in the poll now!

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