The Underneath by Kathi Appelt


Intertwining stories of an embittered man, a loyal hound, an abandoned cat and a vengeful lamia (a mythical, snakelike creature) tell a tale of love, loss, loneliness and hope make for a dark, yet beautiful novel that quite literally, sings.

A cat, about to have kittens, becomes the unlikely friend of an abused bloodhound named Ranger. After the kittens are born and then lose their mother, Ranger has no choice but to become a surrogate father as the brave kitten Puck insists on keeping their makeshift family together. Woven into the story is a Caddo myth about a shape-shifting snake, trapped in a jar for a thousand years. Learning how these two narratives go together is the pleasure of this remarkable novel.

About the Author

Kathi Appelt is the award-winning author of many children’s books, including Bat Jamboree, illustrated by Melissa Sweet, and Incredible Me!, illustrated by G. Brian Karas. Ms. Appelt teaches creative writing to both children and adults and lives in College Station, Texas. She believes that the best authors write about the people and places they see everyday in their own lives and encourages aspiring writers to use their everyday experiences in their work.

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