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February 8, 2012

The White House Science Fair

Students from around the country got to show off their projects to the Pres.

President Obama: If we invite the team that wins the Super Bowl to the White House, then we need to invite some science fair winners as well. “

Shelby: President Obama hosted the second White House Science Fair, featuring more than 100 projects designed by students. Teams got to show their science skills off to the president and some lucky students even got a hand.

Obama: What pressure do you want to get up to?

Shelby: President Obama helped this team shoot a marshmallow all the way across the room.

Obama: That came out pretty fast!

Shelby: Other projects included a protective military helmet, a robot that helps senior citizens connect with their families via Skype and a dissolvable sugar packet that would save up to 2 million pounds of trash at year at Starbucks alone!

And do you remember Samantha Garvey? She was the student scientist we told you about a few weeks ago who was living in a homeless shelter with her family. Yesterday, she got a special shout out from the president himself.

Obama: That just shows you what you can overcome.

Shelby: President Obama also announced that he will be asking Congress for more money to support math and science education. He wants to train 100,000 new teachers and set a goal of one million more American graduates in science, technology, engineering and math over the next ten years. It is something he says will help the entire country.

Shelby Holliday, Channel One News.


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