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Karen Knapstein
November 26, 2013

The White House Student Film Festival

Are you a young filmmaker looking for break? Then we’ve got a competition for you.

The Obama Administration is an advocate of making the most of technology in schools. And there might not be a better way to make the most of technology than with video. That’s why the White House is sponsoring a student film festival focused on the way students use technology in the classroom. Betcha can think of one or two ways that’s happening…

What’s in in for you? Well, the glory, of course, serious exposure and the ultimate premiere screening location: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The fest is open to K-12 students, entries must be less than 3 minutes, and you’ve got to make your film during the contest period (between now and January 29th, 2014).

What are you waiting for? Learn more here and get started now!


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