Christa Fletcher
February 2, 2012
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Theory of Flight


The only thing brighter than the lights of Las Vegas are the attitudes of bandmembers Beau Hodges (vocals), Vince Casas (guitar), Tyler Williams (drums), Stephen Goodrum (guitar) and Joey McMahon (bass). Their alternative rock band, Theory of Flight, plays packed shows at the House of Blues and other popular venues in a city filled with elaborate nightlife, buffets and themes. Yet, for these guys, they keep it simple and honest. “We are accessible. We don’t need to rely on a gimmick,” said Stephen Goodman. “People are looking for something genuine.”

Even the band’s name speaks to their interest in connecting with their audience in a real way. “We aren’t rock stars,” said lead singer Beau Hodges. “We play music full-time.” Providing “substance” in a relevant and enjoyable way is the band’s mission. “Our name is the only way we could describe the way we want our music to make you feel.” Tyler Williams explained, “It’s a flight — a lifting experience.” And, it is. Before the April 2010 release of their debut album Within Reach, their MySpace page received over one million views. Now that they are touring, the band can expect their popularity to really take off.

When the band came together a couple years ago, they began performing and creating their album; their relatability and musical skills weren’t the only thing fans flocked to see. Theory of Flight are dedicated to their fan base at shows, online and even on the street. They shared many stories about just hanging out with young fans who like music and want to play.

“If there are 50 people who want to see us play, we say ‘Organize it and let us know.’” Beau Hodges said enthusiastically, “We’ll come and play.” This obliging spirit also illustrates the band’s creative style. “We prefer one another,” said Stephen Goodrum, “and we try to give each other time to explore musically and creatively.”

Theory of Flight’s new album embraces their approach to music and life with tracks like “Set the Night on Fire” and “Spinning.” Listen below and see if you’d like to fly with this rock band full of heart.

Christa Fletcher

“Set the Night on Fire”


“Can’t You See”

“One Last Call”

“Goodbye Tonight”


Beau Hodges: (vocals)

Vince Casas (guitar)

Tyler Williams (drums)

Stephen Goodrum (guitar)

Joey McMahon (bass)


Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada

Genre: Alternative Rock

Common Venue: House of Blues, Hard Rock Hotel, Caesar's Palace

Discography: Within Reach (2010)


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