Karen Knapstein
February 6, 2014

There’s a Pill for That

What if you never ever had to remember another password? Would you be up for swallowing something, every day, that could make that happen?

That’s what the creators of a pill, originally designed to transmit medical information, think you might be willing to do in order to ban ‘forgot password’ buttons for good. The pill has tiny sensor inside of it, about the size of a grain of rice, that activates when it comes in contact with the acids in your stomach.

The pill then sends data to a sensor inside a patch that you wear on your skin, which in turn communicates with the device you’re trying to unlock — making your body’s own unique biology the key to unlocking your stuff.

What do you think? Vote in the poll and tell us if password pills are the NBT. 


54 comments on “There’s a Pill for That

  1. Cadence Stephens

    If it works then it would be the Next-Big-Thing, but it seems dangerous. You’re swallowing a micro-chip. Plus if your on medication it might affect that and make you feel worse. So I don’t think that it’s the NBT.

  2. Andrew-Jensen

    I think that the password pill is really cool. I would really like use that. It would make an ease of life.

  3. Bailey Caldwell

    THIS IS NOT THE NEXT BIG THING. This pill with a microchip in it is not safe. The pill can damage our stomachs. Please do not let this be the next big thing. Just use a piece of paper or you phone. It’s not that hard!

  4. Victoria-Reeves

    this pill will probably be the next big thing with the world today the newest electronics ,no matter how bad the alternate consequence is ,will be the N.B.T even when it shouldn’t.T

  5. Jennifer Rose

    This type of technology is scary. Did we not learn anything from Snowden? This sounds like another way for “big brother” to track us. Society can be so naive as to what can actually happen with technology that is passed off as a convenient “way to remember your passwords”. There is no way I am swallowing a microchip!

  6. Ms. Klein's Class

    We think it’s a sketchy idea. What if you change your password or forget your password and can’t get into your phone? What if you lose your phone? Does it update automatically? How does it stay inside you?

  7. Ava Workman

    Wow this product is never going anywhere. This is like the worst idea. Im not saying it doesn’t work but I wouldn’t buy it.

  8. giovanni smith

    it’s not the next big thing. itsounds like a death wish. so i wouldn’t take the chance.even if on medication.

  9. Ayla Mondry

    I think it sort of a dumb idea because not everyone has trouble remembering their passwords and it also won’t help you if you don’t have the right phone.

  10. Adriana

    No!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This certainly not the next big thing. How does it not get digest? It just seems wrong to me!!!!

    - Adriana

    Channel One News Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Clarissa-Darling

    No offense. but when you eat it…well what happens when it comes out? HMM?! I always memorize my passwords. If they are tricky, I write them down. so no. no pill. It could have side effects. literally!

  12. Noah-Seguin

    This would be really dangerous, what I mean is that it could malfunction inside of you, and Electrocute you or Paralysis you.

  13. David E.-McIntyre

    I think that it would be good because instead of wasting paper to put your passwords on you could instead use that pill to save your passwords.

  14. micheal

    I don’t buy it, what if it effects other meds u take. Its just to risky, what if it comes out the other way do you have to eat another one? Next time show something that actually can be the NEXT BIG THING.

  15. Abigail

    I think it’s kind of dangerous.Electronic inside of something as fragile as the human body,i would have to say i’m against it.

  16. Jessie Hendricks

    I don’t think anybody wants to have to swallow something just to remember a password because for one thing it kinda wired to think that a chip is inside your stomach telling things to you that’s just nasty and another thing it would be way easier to just write it down.

  17. Chandler-Astgen

    What happened to the old just remembering the password. I do not want to put something in my body and then have to wear a patch on my skin just to know a password to get into something. Like that is just stupid to me.


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