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August 9, 2013
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These Hearts

These Hearts Yours To Take Album Cover“Touring is my favorite part of being in a band,” shared These Hearts guitarist Daryl Van Beek in a phone interview. “Being on stage and traveling is what I live for.” He particularly enjoys “the coasts — it’s nice to see the ocean” when you live far from them, he shared. These Hearts is based in the dead center of the country — South Dakota, North Dakota and Minnesota.

Van Beek started playing In high school. At one point, his interests changed “from sports to music, and I spent a lot of time checking out the local scene in Sioux Falls, Minneapolis and Fargo” which is where he moved a couple of years ago and where These Hearts got started. Their music is Christian alt-rock with a positive message — “we’re about life experiences, and we all share the same passion for music.” Vocalist Ryan Saunders writes most of the songs, their drummer, Isaiah Folk puts the parts together and works on the arrangements and then they all give input. Their songs are about “everything. There’s one about a specific bible verse, but others are about girls and relationships.”

They’ve been playing together for about six years, and their latest album “Yours to Take” came out in July. “We did a short CD release tour,” and a longer one, through the east coast is in the works. Hopefully it will also include “something international,” which would be a great payoff. To do this, Van Beek shared, you have to have “the determination it takes to follow your heart” and be willing to “put in the time.”

Listen to tracks and check out the slideshow below for more from These Hearts.

“Nevermind Me”  

“Birds of a Feather”  


These Hearts Band Photo 02

These Hearts Band Photo 01

These Hearts Band Photo 03

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    1. Sam Delilah

      (:you ain’t never lied but why don’t yaLL come and get wetumpka alabama plz
      you guyz rockk and I m n love wit nevermind me cool kick it:)


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