February 28, 2012
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It’s hard not to like a guy so happy to be talking to you because of where you work. “I love Channel One,” shared This Love’s frontman, Joe McFaddin in a recent phone interview. And it easy to see how his enthusiasm brought him to where he is today, that, plus a golf scholarship to college. He started getting into music (and golf) in high school after hearing John Mayer (“a hero”) and teaching himself to play the guitar. “I started writing songs right away, and I grew up through the process of it. I started with love songs, the typical melodramatic stuff and then moved on to life lessons — trials and tribulations. His most recent songwriting makes up his band’s newest album, At War.

The album is “about the journey to become the person that the world needs you to be.” With the album out, the band is now on the road supporting it. McFaddin has “a love-hate relationship” with touring. “Sometimes you miss your mom,” he jokes, “but you also meet cool people and see amazing places. I’m a huge history and geography buff, so seeing places is cool.” It’s one of the fringe benefits to the struggle that you have as a part of being an artist, he thinks.

That speaks to the advice he would give to someone interested in a career in music. For him, it’s “the closest you get to being a superhero. When you’re young, you think anything is possible. But as you get older, you realize your limitations, but if you want to be an artist, there aren’t any qualifications. So if anything is possible, it’s being a creative person — because it’s about what you can produce and what’s yours.”



“Like a Million Lights”




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