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July 24, 2013
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Thriving Ivory


In 2009, Thriving Ivory flourished as “one to watch” on VH1 and in local newspapers across the country. Striking a balance between epic piano and guitar ballads with a modern rock sound, Thriving Ivory topped the charts and broke hearts with their single, “Angels on the Moon.”

Based in San Francisco, this fivesome sold out venues from New York to Little Rock, Dallas and back to the West Coast on their national tour. Their performances of fan favorites like “Alien” and “Hey Lady,” impressed critics, fans and the ladies too.

Yet, Thriving Ivory is modest about their success. Of the band’s presence on VH1, Stroope told The Hub: “That was one of those moments that was just surreal. Stuff like that is still weird. We did the Jimmy Kimmel… and watching it back was crazy.”

After meeting at the University of California, Santa Barbara lead vocalist Clayton Stroope and piano player/songwriter Scott Jason knew they had something. “As soon as I heard Clayton sing, that was pretty much it — let’s form a band,” recalls Jason. “Scott’s songs have this wonderful lyrical depth to them and are very accessible,” says Stroope. “It is so easy to put my vocal emotions into them.”

Stroope’s unique voice combined with the inspiring use of piano and guitar will remind you of Our Lady Peace, but take you right back to an older band like The Goo Goo Dolls. The bottom line: this is one band you’ll think is an old favorite because it’s familiar and fresh at the same time.

Indulge in their songs and photos below!


Angels on the Moon

Hey Lady


Meet the Band:

Clayton Stroope - Vocals

Scott Jason - Keyboards

Drew Cribley - Guitar & Vocals

Bret Cohune - Bass Guitar

Paul Niedermier - Drums & Percussion

Photo Credit: Andrew Jorgensen


Hometown: Santa Barbara originally, but now they are based in San Francisco.

Big Break: Topping the DJ and fan favorites on San Francisco hit-maker Live 105.

Debut Album: Thriving Ivory (2003 - Indie Release) (2008 Wind-Up Release)

Photo Credit: Andrew Jorgensen



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Photo Credit: Andrew Jorgensen


Fan Faves:

"Angels on the Moon"


"Hey Lady"


Photo Credit: Andrew Jorgensen

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