November 26, 2012
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Tiffany Houghton


Tiffany Houghton has taken two big leaps in her life, and one of them happened when she was just nine. Growing up in Dallas, she always wanted to perform. When she asked her parents about attending a special camp for aspiring singers and dancers, Camp Broadway, they agreed, but said she had to practice steadily for a year to prove her commitment. When she did, they followed through, sending her to New York when she was just ten to work on her craft. That experience helped her find an agent, which led to gigs on a soap opera and as a backup for “Annie” on Broadway. “I had always loved country music, so when it was time, I was able decide what I wanted to pursue. Instead of taking on a character,” she explained, “I wanted to be myself.”

Back at home, she continued to take voice lessons and she cut her first demo when she was a freshman in high school. As a junior, “during a difficult time,” she started on the guitar. “I had always played a little piano so I wrote my own songs, but the guitar is more portable.” By the time she was a senior, it was time to take the second chance. “I figured out how to get enough credits to skip the second semester of my senior year, so when I turned 18 in December, I moved to Nashville.”

Less than a year later, she had an EP out and was settling into life in her new hometown. “I’ve always kept a journal, so when I moved, I brought all of them with me. But the first night I was in Nashville, my car was broken into and all my journals were stolen — years of lyrics and poetry were gone. It was a setback, but it ended up being positive because while it was a hurdle, it proved to me that I really wanted to do this,” and that she could handle the challenges.

“As an artist,” she shared, “our art influences the rest of our life. Everyday you’re getting better and growing. You have to lay a foundation of belief in yourself. There are setbacks, but if you have the foundation you’ll be OK.”

You can keep up with Tiffany on her Facebook page or Twitter feed.


“House on Normandy”

“Only One”



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