February 14, 2012

Times Square Heart

Who do you love?

Shelby: Has the suspense been killing you? Dying to know why crowds here in New York City’s Times Square are feeling some extra love?

Well, it has to do with what Times Square is most famous for — its bright lights. In fact, more than 37 million people come to Time Square every year, and right now this giant red heart behind me is attracting even more crowds.

So, what is the big deal? Well, this giant heart is said to reflect the ‘light of love.’ Made up of 400 transparent LED acrylic tubes, the beat of this 10-foot heart sculpture is powered by the people around it. And people are loving it so much, they are even posting pictures on a special Facebook page.

How does it work? You see, by touching this heart-shaped sensor the sculpture takes energy from your hands and converts it into light. The heart begins to flicker and the more people who touch it, the brighter it glows.

And some say it glows even brighter when the person touching it is in love. But the teens we talked to aren’t convinced.

Do you think this big heart really reflects your emotions?

“Well, we all love each other because we’re all friends, but it just flashes when you touch it.”

Shelby: Whether you are a believer or not, one thing is for sure, people are sharing the love in Times Square.

The heart is part of an annual project sponsored by the Times Square alliance and there is a loveable cause behind it. For every picture posted on the special Facebook page in February, Think Energy will donate $1 to the Hope and Heroes Children’s Cancer Fund.


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