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September 22, 2013
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Tom Keifer

alt-cover-tom-kiefer Most performers have an idea of what life as a successful musician might be like. But Tom Keifer knows.

He’s the front-man for Cinderella, a metal band that experienced epic popularity in the 80s, and is still performing together today. So why take the time and energy to produce a solo album? For the same reason any musician does — they really don’t have a choice.

This album has been in the works since 1995. “But with the way life goes,” he explained in a phone interview, it took this long to pull together. “The scene had really changed a lot then, but I had this idea. I started to record and produce it in 2003. I did it independently because I wanted to try to make it the best I could,” without any input from a label, but, he shared, “that’s a bit of a Catch-22, because without someone watching over it to make it happens, it took ten years.”

Keifer started playing music after seeing The Beatles on television, and another show, “The Monkees,” inspired him to ask for some guitar lessons. “I learned Beatles songs, and folk tunes,” but, he shared, “was lucky that his school had a really advanced music program,” where he learned a lot of theory. “It doesn’t always apply, but it doesn’t hurt to have a strong foundation.”

He spent time as a working musician when he was still in school, playing in clubs. Cinderella eventually formed and Mercury records released an album. They traveled “all over the world,” and have sold a total of 15 million albums.

For Keifer, music and life are indistinguishable. You’ve got to “be true to who you are and what feels real. You have to find inspiration instead of chasing trends.” If you do that, “one day, you become a trend.”

Hence the solo album. It’s influences include American roots, country and blues, and the “lyrics covers life struggles. You’ve got to be prepared for anything — writing songs can be quite a journey.”

Hear tracks from Keifers album below, and keep up with his tour this fall on his website.

“Solid Ground”

“Fool’s Paradise”

“The Flower Song”



7 comments on “Tom Keifer

  1. Kristol

    I Love your new songsl, it is great that you kept on persuing what you love to do. Being married to a muscian myself, there is nothing more than that of the true love of an artist to create and fullfill what he loves to do

  2. BKS

    I have seen Tom in concert about 4 times this year….the new album is AWESOME and he still rocks some fo the classics. Tom, Keep up the great work. You, and Savannah, and Tony Higbee are rocking and rolling through these tour dates and we love it, bro!!!


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