Karen Knapstein
September 29, 2013
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Tommy & the High Pilots

alt-cover-tommy-and-the-high-pilotsTommy Cantillon’s mom gave him a guitar when he was 15. A former writer for Tiger Beat, she must have known that at least one of her five sons would have a little pop star in them, and as it turns out, Tommy and and his brother Michael, who plays keys in the band, both did.

With that first guitar, Cantillon “immersed” himself “in learning. I took a few lessons,” but “I wanted to develop my own style. About six months in, a friend asked me if I wanted to play bass in a band called Ludo. We ended up putting out five albums and I spend my Jr. and Sr. year of high school on the road.”

A veteran now, Cantillon focuses on songwriting (“for every 100 songs you write, 10 are usable”) and touring (“it’s exciting, but tiring”). At this point, “when I’m in one place for too long I get itchy.”

“The more time you put in, the more fans you collect, the better off you’re going to be.”

You can catch them out on tour this fall, hear tracks, see pictures below, and you can also find them on iTunes, keep up with them on their website and Twitter feed.

“Outta My Head”


“Somebody Make a Move”




4 comments on “Tommy & the High Pilots

  1. Hailey

    I really enjoy this genre a lot. It’s very unique and I love the vocals. It’s mellow, but up beat enough to dance to!


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