Karen Knapstein
March 27, 2014

Total Tracking Technology

If you’ve ever wondered how people come up with stuff to say all the time on social sites like Twitter and Facebook, you might be interested in this idea for the next big thing — Lifelog.

It does just what it sounds like it does — tracks every minute of every day, from how much exercise you get to how much you sleep, to the music you listen to and the movies you watch, to yes, how much time you spend on social networks. It uses a Smartband bracelet and an app, as well as an optional camera you can hang around your neck for maximum tracking potential.

You can use the app to find out what you’ve been up to, or maybe to figure out that you’ve got a Netflix (or tracking?) habit that needs a rest. Or just that you might need to get a little more than six hours of rest each day.

But what do you think? Is keeping track of everything the wave of the future? Or is this a case of TMI gone awry? Vote in the poll and tell us where you stand!


29 comments on “Total Tracking Technology

  1. Sam

    This is basically paying someone to track your entire life all the time, which is just disturbing. Furthermore, the implications of someone hacking this device are scary. It reminds me way too much of 1984.

  2. Addy Rieken

    I don’t like this idea at all. If you want to keep track of your face book and twitter time, look at a clock. I don’t know why you would want the possibility of someone else looking at what you have done. It seems like this wouldn’t keep privacy at all.

  3. Spicy Chili Pepper

    I don’t think this is a very good idea. This could lead to somebody hacking your device or even spying on what you do. I feel if you want to track what you do then use a diary or something like that. Instagram! Love channel one !!

    1. The bean queen

      I think the spicy chili pepper was right. Other people need to see this commenters opinion. Post this on channel one. My students will be intrigued

  4. spicygirl70

    This is an awesome idea. I think many people could benefit from this brilliant product, and could lead to many new and awesome products in the future. This is a great way to remember stuff you might forget throughout the day and share fun things you’ve done with friends and family.

  5. tristin-molde

    Like Sam, Bailey E., Addy Rieken, and Spicy Chili Pepper said, its not such a good idea. Like a few of them also said a hacker could do some horribly things to it. I don’t think its such a good idea. It could even be the developers that get in and mess things up. You never know. just using a clock would be fine with me.

  6. Fredrick McCracken

    I think it is a great idea, because you can keep a better track of everything and be more organized.

  7. Abbie McKenzie

    I’m sorry, but I don’t want anyone or anything to monitor my every move. Neither, do I want to know my every move.

  8. Brooke S.

    I think not. Why not just use a clock or a camera. I wouldn’t want it to track my every move or action. It’s a little weird.

  9. Becca Berkley

    I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. WeirdGuyWithLonghair

    This is a horrible Idea. Especially with all this NSA craziness I wouldn’t doubt if people would be throwing these into pits of garbage.

  11. Paige

    I think if this was sold and became popular it would be a “turn on for terrorists” to hack and corrupt not only adults but youth too.

  12. Jay Rival

    I strongly disagree with this band because it could eventually be an invasion of privacy and you should be responsible enough to keep track of these things on your own.

  13. Courtney Moeller

    I think this idea is actually cool. I would use this when going on trips and want to take a quick pic.

  14. Sarah

    I think that this tracking device would be a safe way for teens to drive. And it makes sure that their parents know where they are at all times. It would keep them safe from any danger.

  15. Ashlynn

    I think this tracking device is crazy! There would be someone tracking you from every move you make to every second you sleep, and that just sounds disturbing to me!! Someone could also hack and find out where you are what you do at certain times and other private info! -Ashlynn

  16. Lilyann

    That is so creepy I don’t know why some people would like to be seen every second of the day. People who made this idea are stupid and apparently like seeing where people are every second of the day.

  17. Juan Martinez

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