Karen Knapstein
February 21, 2014

Translate This

Wearable technology is all the rage at tech shows and amongst the geeky set and while in theory, the stuff is cool, we often wonder how useful some of it really might be.

This idea for the next big thing, however, might be worth the funky headgear. Japanese mobile company NTT DoCoMo has unveiled their version of glasses that translate from one language to another on the fly — meaning getting around in a place where you don’t speak the language could be a whole lot easier. Don’t expect them to help you out in your french class this semester, however. The company says they hope to have the glasses ready to go in time for the 2020 Summer Olympic games being held in Tokyo

So, are glasses that translate text the next big thing? Vote in the poll and tell us what you think!

68 comments on “Translate This

  1. Alyssa Richards and Emily Jackson

    You should not do this idea because not every one has glasses to put this device on their eyes. This is really stupid

    1. Aurora Ortega

      THESE WILL BE SOOO AWESOME 2 WEAR! Me and my best friend, Maya, will like these, if she agrees, though. Plus its much more faster than going on ur phone and using Google translate, that’s my opinion.

    2. Illy-Jaxon

      … If you look at the picture, you can see she’s obviously not wearing glasses. It’s just a headset; no glasses are required for it to be attached.

  2. Terrell-Evans

    I think the glasses are going to be the next big thing because if some people came to visit and if they can’t read their writing the glasses will help.

  3. Michael-Fletcher

    I think these glasses are the NEXT BIG THING because, some people can’t speak two or three different languages. This device will help people how? This device will help by making words in different languages easier to understand and this will help people come to the Olympics more than usual and help their learning & expand their vocabulary.

  4. Eiffel-911


  5. Madi

    I think this is the next big thing it will help us read new languages if only they could make this to translate what they are saying

  6. Ethan Goers

    You already have google glass, so why would you make glasses that only translate and leave out a bunch of features that are already in glasses. These glasses will come out in six years when we already have glasses like this out now. And we’ve seen translation devices in action and to be bluntly honest, they don’t work we’ll at all. Why spend a ton of money on glasses when you could print off another piece of paper in a different language.

  7. Mr. Fegan's Class

    More of our students did not think this was THE NEXT BIG THING than those who did. We think this could be an awesome idea, but there are a lot of problems as well. Not every word has a literal translation, and if there were ever translation errors, it could create more problems than it set out to solve.

  8. Bailey Caldwell

    Do the glasses work for different places? Like if some people from Tokyo came to Colorado could they use the glasses to read our signs? What would happen if the glasses overheated? I ❤️ this idea but there’s a lot of possibilities. Maybe if we got the answer to our questions it would be more of a hit!

  9. My name is meekness

    Well, I think it’s the next big thing but…I’m not really sure about it, what if it over heats and damages my fabulous face?

  10. Carmen

    I think it’s a good idea because you never know if you go somewhere and they have a different language that you can’t read or understand it…

  11. Brianna

    It looks like a ripoff of Google Glass. I say no. Go learn different languages like you’re suppose to! Don’t just sit there and let a stupid pair of glasses do it for you. :)

  12. Nick Dafoe

    I find that this invention could help others in many different ways that improve the understanding the words, so it will be better than the Sochi olympics because some of the Russian words that are to hard to understand.

  13. Ackerson

    My class thinks that Google Glass will already be able to do this in 6 years. This is why we decided this was NOT the Next Big Thing.

  14. Jack

    These glasses will change my life because I don’t know any language except English and Spanish,but I don’t know other languages.So this could come in handy!

  15. Heidi-Doerr

    I would be a great idea. When people who are not from China or Japan, can read weird letters in Chinese, Japanese, or any other language with those snippy glasses.

  16. Carly Smith

    OH EM GEE! These are so cool! Like wow, how far has our generation come!?!?!?!? AM I RITE?? We are all so smart if we beleave we are!! Thank you so much Obama!!!

  17. Carly Smith

    hey im trying to raise money for my little league softball team and i was wondering if any of you guys could come to my car wash this saturday.

  18. John Lennon

    Yes, they do seem rather interesting, but they may take the will out of students to learn other languages. Just imagine the other communication problems if everyone wore these. You could see the words in your own language, but not hear or speak them.

  19. John-Lennon

    I would not sport a pair of these! I imagine that they would create communication problems. We might be able to see words in other languages, but we can’t hear or say them without human error. Thanks, but I’ll stick to learning languages the old fashined way.

  20. Isabel-Hughes

    Don’t see why you would need glasses like these ones. I’m twelve and I’m teaching myself Korean, and it’s EASY. I can even read some Chinese symbols. People should learn the languages, and immerse themselves in another culture instead of relying on technology for EVERYTHING.
    (P.S, I’m not Korean, just half Filipino, some Chinese[a small amount] and white)

  21. Anya

    It ruins the fun of learning a new language. When I travel in asia I look forward to not understanding the menus so I lean a new language.

  22. Addie Harris

    I honsetly think it would be easyer for the people who have a hard time learning a new language . I mean I still have a hard time learning spanish and the japanesse language . this would be easyer and faster so we can know what the words mean later.

  23. natalya

    i love it. i don’t have to worry bout getting a book, or online cause sometimes online it wrong. this is something for kids in school


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