October 11, 2011

Tuesday Inspiration


Need a little motivation to get through the rest of the week? I’ve got two things for you.

Doug Wells is a 15-year-old pitcher for his town’s Little League team who recently pitched a no-hitter.

Impressive for anyone. What makes this more impressive is that Doug is legally blind. He was diagnosed with glaucoma as a baby, and according to, has undergone five surgeries since to try to maintain the vision he has.

Doug, who also plays basketball and football, has to spend extra time on schoolwork, but he keeps up with his classmates in school as well as he does on the playing field — making him an inspiration for anyone.

Want more? Seven years ago, Tim Hemmes was in an accident that left him paralyzed — he can’t move his arms or legs. This week, however, he was a part of tests that let him move a prosthetic arm, just by thinking about it.

He’s involved in a project called BrainGate that uses an arm and hand (pictured) attached to electrodes in his brain that bypass his spinal cord, allowing the arm and hand to move at his will. The technology that makes this happen is a long way from being commercially available, but for Tim, the experiment has already more than paid off.

“I don’t have one single word to give you what I felt at that moment. That word doesn’t exist,” he told the Associated Press (AP).

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