Christa Fletcher
July 23, 2013
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Tyrone Wells


If we had to pick our favorite thing about Tyrone Wells — it’d have to be his down-to-earth attitude. When Channel One News met Mr. Wells in NYC it was like catching up with a friend from college. We weren’t surprised to learn he broke the record for most college bookings in history according to the National Association for Campus Activities.

He was laid back, friendly and talkative — a gentleman and a musician, with a voice you wouldn’t believe — making us wonder if “All Broken Hearts” actually occur after hearing him sing.

In fact, when he sang for the Channel One News team with just his guitar and his passion for music, he took everyone’s breath away. It was a memorable acoustic performance that felt more like a gift than a quick show and, we’re sure it’s exactly why fans keep coming back for “More.”

Though Tyrone Wells’ career seems to be just taking off, this Washington native who hails from Spokane, has been creating music for a while. In 2000, when he launched his solo career in California, he also helped form a group of folk rock artists into an independent label called True American Records. He was later signed by Universal Records in 2006 after releasing a few albums under the independent label.

Wells’ latest release, Remain, has received a lot of attention including tracks on several hit TV shows like One Tree Hill. We look forward to seeing this kind-hearted guy’s continued rise to the top.

Sink or Swim


All Broken Hearts



Remain (2009) Universal Records
Hold On (2007) Universal Records
Hold On (2006) Position Music/True American Records
Close: Live at McCain's (2005) Position Music/True American Records
Snapshot (2003)True American Records
Tyrone Wells (2001) True American Records


Where You've Heard Tyrone Wells:

Rescue Me, One Tree Hill, North Shore, What About Brian, Numb3rs, The Mountain, Windfall, Wildfire, Ghost Whisperer, The Bedford Diaries, Three Moons Over Milford, Meet the Barkers and the film Everyone's Hero.



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