Ultimate Test Survival Guide


From any-given-Friday pop quizzes to the once-in-a-lifetime PSAT, we’ve got tips and hints to help you do your best on your next test.

Learn how to spot and treat test anxiety, get amazing memory tricks and even figure out if you should take the ACT, the SAT or both. Check out the resources below to get started.


Find out if you should take the ACT, SAT, or both.


Ace the ACT!

Tips on how to conquer the ACT.


Quiz: SAT Survival Guide

Don’t get voted off the entrance exam island!


Test Anxiety

Do you freak out or keep it cool?


How to Remember Stuff

Tips for keeping track of what you already know.



Squash the myths and relay the truths on the SAT.


10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Test Score

Prepare for quizzes with this quiz on taking quizzes!


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