Under the Sea


There is so much we don’t know about ocean life. Over the last decade scientists and researchers have made increased efforts to discover more about this vastly undiscovered world beneath the sea’s surface. Just last year, scientists completed a census of marine life.

Conducted by 2,700 scientists from more than 80 countries, over 540 expeditions took place that showed that marine life is more interconnected then they thought.

“Take the bizarre and minuscule shrimp-like creature called Ceratonotus steiningeri. It has several spikes and claws and looks intimidating – if it weren’t a mere two-hundredths of an inch long. Five years ago this critter had never been seen before. No one knew of its existence,” said a report by the Associated Press.

Can’t get enough of underwater creatures? Learn more about the fascinating organisms that live beneath the waves in the videos below.



Director James Cameron dives to the deepest point on earth.


Scientists have discovered a new species in Antarctica.


How this technology works and what it might be doing soon.


Scientists have discovered evidence of fish using tools to eat.

Justin Finch gets to the bottom of this story.

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