January 14, 2013
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“I picked up a guitar when I was around twelve, but I played bass in my first band, because they needed a bassist,” shared Vestibule front-man Hector Gundlach. “I was really young, a freshman in high school, and we played covers from bands like Blink 182 and Sublime. It was a mix of rock, ska, punk. Next I was in a band called Sons of Liberty — we never actually broke up — that played all originals. I wrote 90% of the songs then.”

So he was more than ready when Vestibule formed in 2008. “Now, it’s completely different. Each of us put in an equal share of songwriting and composing. Someone drafts something and then we all go back and forth, woring on getting different parts into a song,” he explained. The band is rounded out by Greg Harvilla on drums, Cody McCory on bass, and Adam DeRose on lead guitar.

After “we got together we started playing out very quickly,” but their first album wasn’t released until 2011. “We eventually figured out our songs and sound. We didn’t want to sound like anyone else, so we evolved.” He thinks of them as “a little out of the box, but also commercial. It took us a while to find a studio, but when we did, we had found the right place to record. They use a lot of vintage equipment and it really influenced our sound.”

As for live shows, they “try not to play the songs exactly like they are on the album. We want to surprise people, but it also makes it more interesting and dynamic for us.” That lets them work out new material as well. At work on their next album now, the band “we’re sifting through material. The pre-production is long, because if we get it right it makes the recording that much faster.”

If you’re wondering how Gundlach and the band got to where they are, he has some simple advice. “Practice, practice, practice. It sounds corny, but when I really got into playing, I was practicing six hours a day. Don’t be afraid to be a dork about it. Also, listen to all kinds of music. Listen to movie soundtracks and pay attention to the sound, the dissonance. It’s one step at a time.”


“Lucid Dreams”

“The Art of Conversation”

“Through the Surface”




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