March 1, 2012
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Brooklyn-based singer songwriter Vieem was taught to play the piano by her father. “Music is something that is passed down in our family,” she explained. She laughs about an early family photo that shows her at bedtime, with a towel wrapped around her head complete with a hairbrush “microphone.” She soon traded that in for a real mic, performing at school talent shows and competitions, eventually becoming a part of a quartet as a teen.

Songwriting, which she started to do as soon as she was able to play the piano well enough to accompany herself, is spontaneous. Her songs, which make the most of a stream-of-consciousness style, are soulful with pop sensibilities. Influences include female ’80s singers like Belinda Carlisle, the Go Go’s, Tina Turner — even Alanis Morissette. But like most Brooklynites, she’s open to more. “My dad was always listening to old, hillbilly country music, so that’s a part of me too. I worked at a European-style cafe, so there are influences from the stuff we played there too.”

Though she describes her career as still “in the infant stages — I’m still trying to make it” — she thinks listening to your inner voice is key in making it as an artist. “It’s cliche, but you have to believe in yourself. We live in a time when nothing is impossible.” Right now, that means booking tour dates and producing a new video. “I’m ready to go, though. I’m focusing on putting the pieces together.”

“Amidst the Mist”

“Be It Hated”

“Why a Reason”



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