Karen Knapstein
August 22, 2013

Virtual Vision

A lot of technology designed for one use turns out to have uses in other areas, and this idea for the next big thing is similar to something that happens when you play some video games and the controller vibrates when you make certain moves.

NHK, a Japanese broadcasting company, is working on new technology to let people “see” virtual objects, meaning people with problem with their vision can learn more about what’s on a TV screen than ever before.

It works with an attachment that includes five metal ball bearings – when you touch the attachment, it simulates the texture of an object. When the person presses back, the ball bearings return the pressure, just like if you were holding something.

What do you think? Is this new use for something already pretty cool the next big thing? Vote in the poll and tell us what you think.

20 comments on “Virtual Vision

  1. Kelseigh

    I think this is a brilliant idea!!!! It will make people with disabilities happier and have a more visual look at what they cannot see…

  2. Cyndell Petroff

    It has it’s pros and cons.
    Pros: helps you know your surroundings if you can’t see. It may be fun.
    Cons: probably expensive. You would have to haul it with you everywhere, it is probably heavy as well.

  3. 2013-8-23-Salem-Johnson

    I think it is the next big thing.Why? Because they can see things with there hands when’s the last time you felt something and saw it straight through your eyes!!!!!!!

  4. Sydney

    Seeing with your hands is defiantly the next big thing. If we can help the impaired be less impaired then I think we are taking a step in the right direction!

  5. Sydney

    I think this is defintly the next big thing. If we are helping people become less impaired then I think we are taking a step in the right direction!

  6. Kelseigh

    I think this idea is brilliant! Now the people with disabilities have the ability to have a virtual vision of what the object feels like and looks like!!

  7. 2013-8-24-john-blevins

    this is the next big thing because people with a disability will be able to do stuff better with us

  8. Isaiah

    This is an amazing milestone for 2013! Seeing with your hand is something so inconceivable! I’m loving this and it is definitely the “NEXT BIG THING”
    -Isaiah Werich 6th grader at Caston Elementary School.

  9. 2013-8-28-wWw_Orange13Red_wWw-

    Listen, disability checks are good and all but I really do think that people who are ABLE to work should not recieve any type of funding from the U.S. Government by no means unless they agree to the fact that they must do something. I don’t know. Seriously.

  10. joshua

    Lets just say, how are you going to carry it. It cant fit in a wheel chair cause how are you going to get out. you can’t put it in a car.

  11. hayley herndon

    I think that virtual vision is a great idea, because it gives a feeling of sight to the blind. If the government will fund virtual vision, blind life will be amazing.


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