Christa Fletcher
January 31, 2012
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Vita Chambers


Even pop stars are clumsy, just ask Vita Chambers, the Barbados singer who has toured as part of Lillith Fair and with Justin Bieber. “If you come to one of my shows you will see me trip, unplug a microphone or something funny like that,” Chambers said with a laugh in a phone interview. Despite her onstage mishaps, we’re sure she’s being modest about her shows.

“I’m so excited and I feel so blessed,” Chambers gushed. To the public, Chambers’ career has been filled with fun, “bliss” and pink ballons like the ones from her “Like Boom” music video, however, the teen star’s rising success comes with a lot of hard work and some sacrifices.

After moving to the U.S. with her parents from Barbados last summer, she said it felt like vacation at first. She was living in White Plains, New York and signed with Universal Motown Records, but in the fall, her new life became real. Vita Chambers had been singing for years, but says she failed every music class she has taken. Despite this, she has always loved singing and decided to pursue formal training as a teen. Chambers spent eight months writing four songs and then created a MySpace page. A week later, the record company flew down to meet her in person. Since then she’s toured with her band and parents, making music videos and studying with her private tutor. “I get to go to school in my PJ’s,” she said giggling, “but I miss being in a big class and being with my friends.”

Luckily, with Facebook, Skype, texting and summer break in full swing — Chambers manages to keep in touch with friends just like a normal teenager. And she maintains that status pretty well, despite being so far from home and spending 10 hours a day in the recording studio. “I want my songs to have a message of empowerment — that was my main goal,” she said of her songwriting. To connect with Vita Chambers yourself tweet her at @vitachambers. Don’t worry, she assured us: “It’s really me!”

Christa Fletcher

“The Get Go”

“Like Boom”

“Get Out of My Head”

“Young Money”


What's your favorite food?

Vita Chambers: "I love Thai food!"

Do you have a favorite color?

Vita Chambers: "Um, purple. Definitely."

What do you like to do for fun?

Vita Chambers: "I love go-cart racing and surfing!"


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Vita Chambers went on the 2010 My World tour with Justin Bieber, which was a great boost for this young pop star. Though she hadn't met him when we talked to her in July 2010, she had opened for him at Pop-Con 2010.

What was it like?

"I opened for him at Pop-Con. It was amazing," Chambers shared in a phone interview, "I felt like I lost my hearing when he came on stage. I can't even begin to describe it."

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