March 11, 2013
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Viva Mayday


Viva Mayday’s band members, Jafe Paulino, Gian Stone, and Sasha Korolkoff come to us from New York City’s Upper West Side. All three grew up in New York and as Jafe explained, “living in NYC keeps you always exposed to new artists,” essentially “we are spoiled in culture. It is one of the best things to happen to you for creating music and art because of all the exposure.” This is clear in their music. Jafe’s exposure to Afro Caribbean music styles such as gaga and palo; Gian’s passion for Motown and Soul like James Brown, The Temptations, and D’Angelo; and Sasha’s love of classic rock rounds out this band’s musical footprint. Together these styles comprise into a happy medium that flows, as Jafe says “there are so many styles of music we want to play and can play but we don’t want it to sound forced.” Viva Mayday’s music is unique in its own right.

The band uses music as a tool to make people aware and even if people didn’t want the message it is still good music to just dance to and enjoy. Jafe particularly writes about, “What I see what I feel what I experience” and says, “the band and music is just an extension of ourselves and what we are going through.” Their advice to our viewers going through high school and trying to find their way is to, “use this opportunity to find your passion as soon as possible and do the necessary steps to make it happen. Have the right attitude and work ethic no matter what and you will achieve it.” Viva Mayday is the perfect example of this; Jafe and Gian started the band in 2006 in their junior year of high school and “played together for so long thought well, we should probably take this seriously.” It has paid off.

Not only does the album Consuela contain undercurrents of all the band members’ strong musical influences but it is the blending of genres with heavy political undertones that make this album an eclectic collaboration of music to entice your aural senses. What’s next for the group? Be on the look out for an upcoming collaboration with a local New York Hip Hop artist. Viva Mayday is interested in making that leap of possibly crossing over other genres in the spring and or summer along with a new EP end of summer and beginning of fall. — Jessica Rojas

“Mighty King Dollar”

“Shine On”

“The Atlantic”




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