August 17, 2010

Volume Limits for MP3 Players


The European Union’s Consumer Agency has proposed limits on how loud some common MP3 players can go — to about 80 decibels (about the volume of a ringing telephone, or the noise of traffic in a city) — because of concerns over potential hearing loss after extended use.

Makers of the popular devices are open to the regulations, and often the players come with warning labels about listening too loud. 

But we want to hear your thoughts about the proposed limits. Share your opinion with us via votes and comments below.


"I do not think there should be volume limits placed on mp3 players because some people have self-control. They shouldn't have to suffer because other people are too ignorant to care about their hearing." -- Olive, 17, NC


"No because its your ears and if teens loose their hearing at a young age its their fault that they have their music to loud. It's no one elses fault but your own." -- Samantha, 16, MI


"It should be up to the kid with the mp3. It's their choice if they want to lose their hearing. If they think it's to loud they will turn it down." -- Jared, 13, WY


"It should have a limit because we have our music up so high other people can hear it. Its just weird if you can hear their music." -- Devyn, 15, KS


"I believe that if you make the decision to increase the volume to an insane level then you should take the consequences that come from your actions" -- Brooke, 14, TN


"I think it is wrong that we have to have a volume limit on everyone's MP3 player when we can simply just turn it down or on the screen when you turn it on it could recommend you turn down the volume." -- Wyatt, 14, TN


"There should be no limit to how we express ourselves and we should be able to decide whether we mess up our hearing or not!" -- Karina and Erica, 13, TN


"People don't realize how much loud music can damage their hearing. Setting a limit on the sound level is for their own good." -- Hannah, 16, IN

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