April 15, 2014

Vote for Lovey James!


6 comments on “Vote for Lovey James!

  1. Kylee

    I love lovey James! She came to my school and performed and it was beautiful! I love yah and she gave me a big hug and I got a autograph!

  2. Angelina

    Lovey james should win cuz she’s amazing and is an awesome singer and she is really nice and pretty in every single way. I love lovey she has really helped me cuz her song who u are is really good cuz I was trying to be someone I wasn’t and then i heard that song so that’s way she should win artist of the year.!

  3. Angie Aneff

    We miss you here in Washington. Love you and congrats on all of your success honey. BTW this is Shannon’s mom from HLPDX.


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