October 6, 2011

Wall Streat Protests

What's driving people to speak out against the financial system.

Shelby: Protestors have been eating and sleeping beside each other in this New York City park for weeks. It all started here on Wall Street, where a few dozen demonstrators began protesting on September 17th. Since then, their message has spread, and unions and college students have joined their cause. There are now demonstrations all across the country, and yesterday marked the biggest day of rallies yet.

The movement is called Occupy Wall Street. In just under three weeks, demonstrations have spread around the country. The goal is unclear, but the message is angry. Wall Street’s greed led to the country’s economic collapse.

Protesters have been camping out in this Manhattan park for weeks, only a few blocks away from the New York Stock Exchange. And it is a key spot because thousands of financial workers walk past each day. Some workers say they understand the anger, but that it is aimed at the wrong people.

“Those of us who are still here had to take pay cuts just to keep our jobs. They clearly don’t know who they’re going after. They’re going after the guy down the block, not some guy in a castle.”

Shelby: Others just find the country’s economic situation unfair.

“I spent four years in school. I’m $80,000 in debt. I’m still homeless. I can’t get a job.”

Shelby: Protestors say they are not giving up unitl the corporations on Wall Street and lawmakers in Washington, D.C. listen to their message.

Shelby Holliday, Channel One News.


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