Wallet Wars


If you can talk your parents into letting you take over the family budget, we’ve got the tools to get you started.

Find out how some teens did with the project in the video, then use the interactive .pdf from Junior Achievement to find out where your family’s money is going and get tips on making the most of it with our quiz.

Build a Budget

Learn how to manage your money and live within a budget.



Figure out how much money you need for a week at a time, and only let yourself visit an ATM and take out cash once.


Gotten into a bad charging habit? Put your credit card in a container filled with water and stash it in the freezer. If you really need it, you can thaw it out.


Spend a month keeping track of everything you spend -- from a snack at the movies to new shoes. It might surprise you how much money you spend on little things and give you an easy way to cut back on spending.


If you have a job, have a percentage of your pay check deposited directly into a savings account -- if you never had it, you won't miss it!


Could you manage the family budget better than your parents?  


How are the money managers doing?


Which teen did the best job manging the money?

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