Warm it Up!

by Karen Knapstein
It might be just us, but this winter has barely gotten started and it already feels relentless. And outside of never leaving home, which is a pretty impractical solution when you have to go to school or a job, keeping warm in this weather is proving difficult. 
Enter a product designed for people who actually have to spend the day outside, no matter what the weather — a self-heating jacket. Thought up by a company that usually sells construction equipment and tools, the jacket has three heat “zones,” three heat settings, is wind and water resistant and only takes a half hour to fully charged. Once charged, it will keep you warm for up to six hours, which is more than enough time to spend outdoors in really cold weather. 
And, while it might not have quite the same style factor as a Snuggie, it’s also a lot more practical, because it actually encourages you to get outside and do something without worrying about frostbite.
So, you tell us. Are you ready to rock the M12 Cordless Heated Jacket, or will you be sticking with the more classic approach to winter weather — layering? 
Take the poll now! 

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