Water World


You may have studied the idea of Utopian communities in a history or literature class. And you may have heard of Sealand, a micro-nation built on a former Sea Fort off the coast of the UK. But this idea for the next big thing takes those two ideas a step further. As one of the founders of The Seasteading Institute, Patri Friedman, explained — “we want to make start-up countries on the ocean.”

The idea behind the idea is that there is so much conflict in the world, any so many different perspectives on how to live, why shouldn’t everyone get a chance to try it their way? And even though there’s no more land to divide up, we now have enough technology to make taking to the sea a viable option. Instead of a “kingdom on a hill,” it’s a community on the ocean.
What do you think? Is starting up your own ocean colony the next big thing? Or is this idea going to sink before it can float? Vote now!

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