Karen Knapstein
May 4, 2014
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We Are Forever

Aren Andersen grew up singing. “My mom is an opera singer and voice teacher,” he explained, “so being around it, I learned it.”

“In high school, I was in chamber choir. Lawrence Central has a great show choir, but, I can’t dance. My junior year, the director talked me into it because I could sing, but it wasn’t my cup of tea, so senior year, it was back to chamber choir.”

That’s where he met Ricky Ayala, We Are Forever’s guitarist. “He was in a band, and they were booked to do shows with Breathe Carolina and some other bands and they asked me to join the band. I went to practice and it was…just horrible,” he laughed.

It turned out, in 2011 the current lineup was going through a transition, and Aren joined them at the perfect time. ”It was still a good opportunity,” he shared. They rounded themselves out with Alex Nauth, Evan Ogden and Alex Ayala. Two years later, To Be Alive was released.

Their writing process is “really cool. I like how it works. Me and Ricky will write the basics, and then we’ll get together with everyone and jam it out. We end up writing everything together.” The songs themselves cover “personal things — things that people can connect with on a deeper level, but we also have songs that get the crown jumping.” They’re also not averse to playing a cover or two.

Now, they’re focusing on the EP, to be released in summer or fall, and doing a few mini-tours — something worth checking out. “We have a sweet light show, and an LED-covered drape that we work with. Because we’re all good at our instrument, our live show sound similar to the album, but you get a little more harmony. Four out of five of us do some singing.”

You can keep up with them this summer as they travel on their Twitter feedFacebook page and on Instagram. “We’re really into social media because it makes it easy to talk to our fans. They want to know us — but we want to get to know them too.”

And as always, don’t miss the tracks and photos below to hear and see what they’re all about.

“Be Heard”

“Fighting for You”

“Everything You Are”



3 comments on “We Are Forever

  1. Brian Stipanovich

    hey We Are Forever i like ya’ll as a group :) . when ya’ll have the chance can ya’ll put to be alive song on this site so i can listen to it?

  2. Veronica

    This is my favorite band and I pray to god that one day their dreams come true because they deserve ir. They’ve worked so hard and one day they will come true.


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