January 28, 2013
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We Shot the Moon


San Diego-based piano rock band We Shot the Moon got together about four years ago, made up of musicians their frontman, Johnathan Jones, once toured with. Since then, they’ve been heard on any number of MTV shows, released three albums and two EPs, and toured Japan. Not a bad showing for a singer who got his start in front of the microphone because no one else in his high school band wanted to sing.

Jones started playing piano at seven and joined that first band at sixteen, he shared in a recent phone interview. “I took lessons later,” explained, but at first “started our playing lots of jazz and pop. Things like Celine Dion and Elton John. Eventually, I started layering things with a keyboard I had programmed. It was trial and error, but one thing led to another,” and he was soon writing songs. “I like to connect with people. I write about hope, aspects of faith and of course, girls. The writing process is what I enjoy most,” which is good news because as he admitted, “with all the shifts in the industry, it’s great to have a lot of content.”

As to how how to get started on your own content, he had this to say: “Believe in what you do and practice hard. Try every direction with songwriting and who you play with. Mix it up, it’s how you find what you’re good at. And when you’re young, especially when someone else might be paying the bills. Even when music isn’t your job, approach it like it is.”

His latest project is a home studio. “I’m always looking for people to record. I’m into producing new bands.” You can keep up with Johnathan and maybe even reach out to him about producing, on the We Shot the Moon Facebook page or Twitter feed.


“Me Vs. Myself”





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