February 26, 2012
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As anyone who follows Hear It Now knows, we like to focus on up-and-coming musicians (usually). And as anyone who follows music in general knows, the holiday album isn’t usually the first one an up-and-coming artist chooses to release (usually). That was the first question we asked Cameron Walker, Weatherstar’s front man, when we had a chance to talk on the phone while he was on tour in Chicago.

His answer was simple. “I’ve always liked holiday albums. Relient K and Death Cab for Cutie have great ones.” And he had written a Christmas song, so that, with some covers mixed in, means that Weatherstar’s holiday album is out before his first full-length album. That’s coming, and he does have a few EPs available. Right now, he’s busy out on tour, which is, in a word, “awesome.” Though he’s been playing music for as long as anyone can remember, (he shared that his mom finally put him in classes for drums when he was six and the urge to write songs quickly led him to the guitar,) he didn’t get his band together until about two years ago.

He and drummer Billy Toti have been at it since then. Cameron writes about what he calls the “stereotypical stuff, girls and relationships, but also other things, like with ‘Sick of Tonight,’” a song about being stuck in a car on the highway. As for the whole being a musician thing, he had this to say: “First and foremost, think about the music and what you want to do, everything else comes when you get there.” And if everything else means a holiday album, right in time for the holiday, why not?

“It’s Not Christmas Here Without You”

“Baby Please Come Home”

“Shake Up Christmas”




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