Karen Knapstein
November 15, 2011

We’ve Got an Eye On…


These stories today. Check ‘em out.

We’ve reported on schools losing their lockers before, but has it become a trend? USA Today reported from a school in Mississippi that has lost its lockers all together, and most people are on board with the idea. With technology like iPads becoming more common in classrooms, allowing students freedom from lugging around heavy books, it seems to make sense. But until that transition is complete, be careful with those heavy backpacks!

You might have heard that police, um, invited Occupy Wall Street protesters to leave Zuccotti Park in lower Manhattan late last night. About 70 people who refused to leave, or were caught up in the chaos, were arrested. The city took the opportunity to power wash the then empty park. (I can’t think of a place that was probably more in need of a power wash). A few hours later, a court order was issued that will allow protesters to re-occupy Wall Street, but as of about 9 A.M., reports are that the park was still surrounded by NYPD in riot gear.

Lastly, the Obama Administration — and First Lady Michelle Obama in particular –
have made reducing obesity rates in the country a priority. Much of
that effort has been focused on kids and schools, including federal
legislation that would force schools to serve healthier school lunches.
But Congressional Republicans are pushing back, saying that the new rules will make school lunches too expensive for many districts.

What do you think? Should school lunch programs have to conform to federal standards? And would you be O.K. with it if that meant eliminating pizza and french fries from the lunch line?

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