Shelby Holliday
January 9, 2012

What Counts in New Hampshire?


You saw how close the race was in last week’s Iowa Caucus. And tomorrow, all eyes will be on New Hampshire.

As voters cast ballots for their favorite Republican in the field, candidates will be counting on young people for support.
So who do those young voters find most appealing? Well according to this recent Suffolk University tracking poll (PDF), New Hampshire voters aged 18-34 favor Ron Paul (39 percent), Mitt Romney (25 percent), and Jon Huntsman (7 percent) over other candidates.
HOWEVER, as this CBS News article points out, a whopping 25% of young people are still undecided — in other words, there is a lot of room for those numbers to change. So, who would YOU support if you could vote tomorrow? Cast a vote on my Facebook poll or leave a comment to weigh in!

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