September 19, 2011

What Next? Undecided

What if you don't know what you want to do?

Jessica: Like many high school students, Ashley Ferrel doesn’t know what she wants to be when she grows up. So, she is visiting a career counselor to see if she can get help in figuring it out.

Ashley Ferrel : I’ve been thinking about being a teacher, or a nurse, or something in astronomy, or a lawyer.

Jessica: Those are very different career paths. So, I can see why you would like a little bit of help.

Lori gave Ashley a test, but there were no right or wrong answer. Instead, it asks Sshley things like, careful and calculating or bold and daring, what she thinks is fun, and who her role models are. Ahsley put ethical leaders at the top and entrepreneurs at the bottom.

When Ashley returned a week later, Lori showed her the test results.

Lori: I have to tell you remind me of somebody really famous….Oprah Winfrey.

Ashley: Really?

Lori: You are bold and decisional, friendly. You want to work at a really fast pace and you don’t want a lot of restrictions or rules to follow. Sounds like you, right?

Lori: Yes!

Jessica: She wants to help others. She doesn’t want to do research. She doesn’t care about earning a big pay check.

Money is not only not important to you, it appears you actually have a really kind of what might be perceived by others as a negative attitude towards people who would go to work for the primary reason of earning money. Does that sound right?

Ashley: Yeah.

Jessica: So, we need to rule in and out some jobs for you.

Lori: Take me through your job choices that we talked about when we were here together last time.

Ashley: Doctor.

Lori: Okay. So, doctor would require somebody who’s going to stay up on all the current research.

Jessica: But Ashley doesn’t like research.

Ashley: Okay. So, let’s rule doctor out.

Lori: Next up, astronomer.

Jessica: Lori says too many rules and procedures for someone like Ashley who doesn’t like a lot of restrictions.

So, what is your next example?

Ashley: Teacher.

Lori: You have an excellent profile to be a teacher. You don’t mind being in charge, you’re very friendly, you have a very fast pace and you don’t want a lot of rules and restrictions in your environment.

Jessica: When it comes to teaching, Ashley already has a role model.

Ashley: I was inspired by this teacher I heard about who he teaches kids Shakespeare, and these are like elementary school kids. So, this is kind of mind blowing. I’d love to do something like that with my kids.

Jessica: So, what is next for Ashely? We will see if teaching elementary school is right for her tomorrow.


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