February 28, 2012

What Next?: Veterinarian

Is caring for animals the career for you?

Shelby: It was early in the morning in Miami, Florida when we showed up to surprise an unsuspecting teen.

She has no idea we are coming!

Morning! Hi, are you Amor?

Amor: Yes.

Shelby: This is amor. A few months ago, she sent us a letter telling us she wants to be a veterinarian.

Hi, I am Shelby from Channel One. We are here to surprise you! We heard you wanted to be a veterinarian and we found a way to show you, and your mom and your school know all about it. So, will you come with us?

Amor: Yes! I’m so excited!

Shelby: And this is Teddy. He is on his way to see his doctor at the Hollywood Animal Hospital. And that is where we took Amor to see what a day in the life of a veterinarian is like.

Hi, Dr. Sessa? I am Shelby from Channel One.

Tom Sessa: Hi, Shelby. I am Tom Sessa. This is my assistant Linda.

Shelby: Hi! Nice to meet you. This is Amor.

Dr. Sessa: Hi. Nice to meet you.

Shelby: And she is interested in being a veterinarian.

Dr. Sessa: Well, today she is going to have quite an interesting day because she is going to see many facets of veterinarian medicine today.

Shelby: Awesome! You ready?

Amor: Yes!

Dr. Sessa: Great! We have scrubs for you, so you can look official and feel official and be official.

Amor: Awesome! Thanks.

Shelby: It was out with the old and in with the new.

We got the scrubs!

It feels nice. I am not gonna lie, this is nice!

Teddy was coming in to have surgery because he has problems with his bladder.

First stop was the grooming table where Linda and another vet tech prepared him for his surgery.

Amor was already liking the job.

What do you think?

Amor: That was actually kind of interesting. I wanted to do that, but then again I don’t know how, so I can’t.

Shelby: So, you are already wanting to do this?

Amor: Yes! I don’t really think I’m going to change my mind, but let’s see.

Dr. Sessa: Well, this is his bladder. And for some reason, he made stones in his bladder. We can actually blow them up and you can see them very nicely. These are stones that are stuck in the urethra. So our goal is to get all of the stones in the bladder, then we’ll operate him surgically and remove all of the stones from the bladder, and then we’ll be all set.

Shelby: And how long does the surgery take?

Dr. Sessa: Probably about 45-minutes to an hour.

Shelby: Alright, we’re about to go into surgery, and clearly we have the appropriate gear on. How do you feel?

Amor: I feel great!

Shelby: Are you excited for this?

Amor: Yes.

Shelby: Alright, let’s do this!

In the operating room, we watched as Dr. Sessa made an incision, flushed the stones out of Teddy’s bladder and sewed him back up to heal.

So, you could see yourself doing this?

Amor: Yes.

Shelby: As he was finishing up, Dr. Sessa told us Teddy’s surgery went great. He gave it a 9.5 out of 10.

Dr. Sessa: Everything went well, everything went as expected, and we’re going to finish him up right now.

Shelby: In less than an hour, Teddy’s bladder was healthy again.

Dr. Sessa: Glove off. All done!

Shelby: Woo-hoo! Let’s high five. High five!

Thank you very much.

Shelby: So, what is next for Amor to become a vet? She should focus on math and science courses in high school. Then you can get into a pre-vet program in college or choose a course load heavy in animal sciences and biology.

Vets like Dr. Sessa need a doctor of veterinary medicine degree, or a DVM, which usually requires four more years of schooling after college.

Since vet school is competitive, students should also consider volunteering or working at an animal hospital to get experience early on.

Most vets earn between $61,000 and $104,000 a year.

Dr. Sessa had some advice for Amor.

Dr. Sessa: There’s three things you need to be a great doctor. Three things. Don’t forget them. You need to be able to talk to people very well. You have to be a good communicator. The second thing is you have to have a true love for animals. The third thing is you have to be very talented in what you do. So you not only can speak well and love animals but consistent excellent results will make you a successful professional.

Shelby: At the end of the day was Amor ready to take his advice?

You think you will be back here?

Amor: Yes!

Shelby: Back for an internship or a job?

Amor: Mmm-hmm!

Shelby: Cool! Alright. Thank you so much for an awesome day! 


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