Maggie Rulli
February 5, 2014

What Would You UnJunk?

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When I interview Kris Bronner, co-creator of UnReal Brands,  he said he had one simple mission: To unjunk the world, starting with candy.

His theory was that if he could unjunk one of the junkiest things in the world – candy – then he could unjunk, well, anything.

With that challenge in mind he’s now asking for your help! Wanna have your favorite candy bar get an Unreal unjunked remix? Here’s what to do: post your favorite candy in the comment section below. Kris will check out all the suggestions. He’ll let you know if your request is already in line for a unjunked makeover, and he’ll even take a look at what candy gets the most requests. Who knows, thanks to your suggestions, it could be your favorite candy that gets unjunked next!!

And obviously the Channel One Newsroom didn’t want to be left out! So here’s our picks for what candy we wanna see get an UnReal unjunked remix:

Maggie Rulli: Butterfingers or Charleston Chew

Scott Evans: Oreos

Shelby Holliday: Gummi bears

Demetrius Pipkin: Mike & Ikes or Red Vines

Keith Kocinski: Almond Joy

Tom Hanson: Whatchamacallit

Chris McKenna: Chips Ahoy cookies

Alex Honeysett: Crunch Bar

Kristin Sachau: Swedish Fish

Alright your turn – What’s your favorite candy that you wanna see get unjunked?

74 comments on “What Would You UnJunk?

    1. Paxton

      I just watch the daily channel one news and thought this a great idea so I asked my mom if we could go and buy so Unreal candies. We got some and were amazed at how they tasted because we were expecting some terrible 90% cocoa bar but I loved these so mush we bought 4 packs at target and were pleased to see they had less sugar and more for what we paid. In conclusion THEY ARE AMAZING! I also hope to see some Unreal skittles on the way.

  1. Maggie Sharp

    I think Kris should unjunk Payday bars next. He already has the caramel recipe down pat, so I think this would be really good as an unreal bar.

  2. sissy11499

    i would totally want to unjunk chips! because they are so good but so bad for you! they already have veggie chips but they need to unjunk the regular original chips! that would be awesome!!!

  3. idk12345

    chips! i would want to unjunk chips because they are so good but so bad for you! they already have veggie chips but i would want the original chips and Doritos! that would be awesome!

  4. Torrin Pagnac-Jensen

    I want to see the candy DOTS unjunked. i love them but i cant get them because of all the sugar. so come on lets unjunk the world

  5. Loveta

    We took a class vote: Oreos! They are SO bad for you, but we want to eat them SO much. Bubblegum was a close second.

  6. Miss Miller

    We would like to see Skittles, Snickers, Butterfingers, Starbursts, KitKats, Dove milk chocolate, and Twizzlers unjunked!

  7. Mason Rhodes

    Dear Kris,
    I glad your doing what you are. Its always really hard to find a food that’s healthy, cheap, and tasty. its either cheap and tasty but not healthy, cheap and healthy but not tasty, or healthy and tasty, but not cheap. But I thank you for making America a less obese place.

  8. Cassandra

    I think skittalz, almond joys, and stuff like that, though in my opinion, all things should be made like this.
    Kris, you are doing a great thing. I admire you and wish more people were doing things like what you have.

  9. Ms. Garrett's class

    Here are the requests from my 6-8th grade class:

    heath bar
    almond joy
    jolly ranchers
    nutter butters
    rice crispy treats
    caramel clusters
    chocolate chip cookies

  10. victoria

    I actually would like to see my hero ,Kris Bronner make a difference not just on candy but carbonated drinks as well since sodas are one of the most popular drinks why not do the same thing with them?

  11. Angela Lee/Teacher

    Good morning Channel one!
    We really enjoyed your story about UNREAL candy. Thank you for providing an alternate snack with real products. Hopefully our teacher will go to target and purchase some of this candy so that we can try it. We have 8 students and two teachers that are really exited to taste this new product. We are currently in Phoenix Arizona and we attend a school by the name of Butler Elementary. We are in Room 39. Thanks
    Ms. Lee ad Ms. Acuna’s Class!

  12. kaitlin

    gobstoppers, spree, bottle caps, fun dip, laffy taffy, kazoozles, pixy stix, nerds rope, giant chewy nerds, rock candy, Swedish fish, fish kabob.


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