When You Reach Me


Sixth grader Miranda lives in New York City with her mother and with A Wrinkle in Time as her constant companion. L’Engle’s novel becomes more important to her when her lifelong best friend, Sam, suddenly pulls away from her and she receives a series of mysterious notes stashed in mysterious places.

As she works to solve the puzzle of the notes, life continues around her. As her mother studies for an appearance on a game show, Miranda herself finds some new friends in an unexpected place. Will they be able to help her sort out the mystery? Will her mother? And what impact will it all have?

About the Author

Rebecca Stead is a former public defender and mother of two who lives in Manhattan. She won the 2010 Newberry award for When You Reach Me and is also the author of First Light.

She attended Vassar College and even though she enjoyed writing, she decided to become a lawyer to be ‘practical,’ but turned back to writing something ‘light’ after a computer accident destroyed her previous work.

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