Karen Knapstein
January 18, 2012

Where in the USA…


…Is the best place to live if you’re a kid? A new report from The Foundation for Child Development says it’s New Jersey.

The report, which looks at data from every state, including factors like education and economics as well as community engagement and emotional well-being, found that states that have higher taxes and that spend money on government programs designed to benefit families have the biggest impact on the children living there.
What’s more, the variation of quality-of-life between states is pretty different. If you live in Mississippi, you’re three times as likely to be living in poverty than if you live in Vermont. If you live in Texas, you’re five times as less likely to have health coverage than if you live in Massachusetts.
In addition to Jersey, the top five states include Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Utah, Connecticut and Minnesota.
Bringing up the rear are Nevada, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and New Mexico.
To find out where your state falls on the list, click here. To learn more about the research, click here.
Do you agree or disagree with the findings? Do you think your state should be in the top, or bottom, five?

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