March 1, 2012
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Whitney Wolanin


“I decided I wanted to do this when I was twelve,” explained Whitney Wolanin, a Florida-based singer-songwriter who just graduated from Vanderbilt a year early so she could be a full-time musician. It took her a year to convince her dad to let her get started — she had been singing forever, but at thirteen you tend to need a ride to auditions and she soon took up the piano to facilitate songwriting, but once she did, she was off. “I’m constantly writing. I need to buy stock in a paper company,” she shared, extolling the virtues of writing things down on actual paper instead of typing. It’s a process that seems to work — she has won awards for songwriting.

Though she has enough material for a full album, and then some, the plan now is to release singles and build up some buzz, which has proven to be successful with her track “Honesty,” (hear it below!) which reached #21 on the adult contemporary Billboard chart. That track, like most of her songs, is full of “personal details.”

“It took a long time for me to feel comfortable letting anyone hear them.” The writing itself is “different for every song. ‘Honesty’ was done in an hour and a half, and recorded, mixed and mastered in a month.” But that’s not always the case, she says. “My number one thing to learn,” for anyone interested in a career doing this “is to work on the craft non-stop. It’s easy to get complacent,” she shared, “because something is ‘good enough’ but there are so many people that want to do this. You have to get constructive criticism and take the advice you’re given” to make something as good as it can be.”

As for her plans, in addition to traveling all over the place hanging out at radio stations and working on her improv comedy skills, (“I tried it at Vanderbilt and it turns out I have knack for it!”) she also hinted at possibly of being a part of something big coming up this summer. Stay tuned for details on her website, Twitter feed and Facebook page.

“Far Far Away”






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