August 30, 2012

Who is Mitt Romney?

Jessica Kumari has the story on the candidate as his campaign builds momentum.

Jessica: Political conventions are like giant pep rallies full of cheering, music, balloons, and of course, speeches. And so far this week, the Republicans have had a diverse mix of cheerleaders taking the stage. Last night, vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan took over the Republicans’ pep rally and got the crowding cheering.

Paul Ryan: I accept the calling of my generation, to give our children the America that was given to us, with opportunity for the young, and security for the old.

Jessica: On Tuesday night, Mitt Romney’s wife spoke up about the importance of mothers and literally gave a shout out to women…

Ann Romney: I love you women!

Jessica: …An important voting block for Romney.

But Chris Christie, the outspoken governor of New Jersey, set a very different tone with some tough talk to President Obama.

Governor Chris Christie: It is time to end this era of absentee leadership in the Oval Office, and send leaders back to the White House. And America needs Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, and we need them right now!

Jessica: And tonight, it is Mitt Romney’s turn. It is a big moment in his campaign, and a chance for him to win over Americans, especially those independent and undecided voters.

And we’ll have that tomorrow.


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