Will Recycle for Cash


Does your family have a bunch of old electronics and cell phones lying around the house? If you’re like most people, the answer to that question is probably yes.

Which is why this idea for the next big thing is so smart. When a California businessman found out that only 3% of the world’s old phones are recycled or returned, he decided to create the Eco-ATM. This ATM gives you cash, but you don’t need a bank car to get it — just an old phone.

The machine scans your phone and gives you a price quote on the value. Then you can decide to accept the offer and take the cash, or keep your phone (why?) and let it go to waste, literally. The machine also double checks that your phone really belongs to you and hasn’t been stolen before taking it.

And while there might be ways to get more cash for a used phone, the 180 Eco-ATMs already in locations around the country sure do sound convenient. We want to hear what you think. Vote in the poll and tell us if this new idea is the NBT!

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